How do you make your fluid art, and how can I learn?

My fluid art pieces are the result of years at school coupled with hundreds of hours of experimenting. I use acrylic paint, various oils, mediums and other additives combined with gravity and general luck to create my pieces. Although I can control a small amount of the outcome, the paint does most of the work.

My classes are available 24/7 to anyone in the world via a private Facebook group and include all future fluid art techniques and tutorials for free. 

How do you make your resin pieces, and will there be classes?

My resin pieces are a combo of Art Resin, glitter, inks, dyes and various paints coupled with gravity and prayer. This technique is visibly similar to things in nature such as fungi, coral reefs and other lifeforms.

There may be classes in the future but for now I am still developing the technique.

What's the details with shipping?

I ship items out every Friday via USPS. All US orders will be supplied with tracking numbers, International orders will be supplied with the customs number.

Shipping is calculated using actual cost, materials, and driving distance.