Winter is Coming

Friends & Artists,

Traditionally people like to say that Spring is a season of new beginnings and fresh ideas, but I beg to differ. Being the warm-blooded person I am, I can't help but feel most refreshed as when the weather hints at winter being close. 

As the cool breeze caresses my arm I feel like a small child being comforted by her parent, "It's ok now love, I'm here and everything is going to work out well." I feel all at once safe, energized and excited about my future, my family and my work. 

With this new energy comes the bravery to delve into other mediums, namely resin. After many months of experimenting and failing terribly I have made new life! Fantastical fungi spring forth onto a shady grove, promising to transform you if you stay but a second longer. Oceans explode with jellyfish and coral reefs, tempting you to dive deeper. Flora and fauna meld as one in my new series, Suspended Nature.

Hope y'all are feeling as light and fluffy as I am!



I Feel Invigorated

Friends & Artists,

If you know me, you know I am glued to the internet from wake to sleep, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. It was getting to be a drain on my morale to always be plugged in, and so a few days after Houston was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, I took a 2 week break. 

It was hard not posting all my new work, or making new videos, and especially not doing live videos on Instagram. I have so missed the camaraderie of late-night pouring sessions with fellow artists and night-owls. However, I am renewed, both mentally and physically. I purged my art supplies, reorganized my entire space, I slept more, I cooked great food, and most importantly I spent time with my husband and daughter. (Who is cutting her first tooth by the way!)

And so, dear reader, I return triumphant. With a sense of calm in my heart, and a slew of new work to show you. Here's to getting messy and having fun!